Get Directions | 5693 Riverdale Avenue, Bronx, NY 10471 T. (718) 601-2572
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The Greentree Bar and Restaurant is the emblematic restaurant of the Riverdale neighborhood. It has pleased customers for more than twenty years and has reopened in 2007 with a warm new décor.

The Greentree loves to host lively events and concerts and share its favorite music with the Riverdale community.

Located in the heart of Riverdale, the Greentree’s bar is the ideal meeting point to enjoy a drink after work and during the weekends.

The casual and charming atmosphere of the restaurant and its sophisticated American cuisine make it the perfect place to have a dinner with your family or to escape from the City and enjoy a peaceful weekend brunch with your friends.

Its large dining rooms also offer the opportunity to organize private parties with your corporate associates, schoolmates, friends or family members.